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Demolition & Land Clearing

Evans Earthworks is your premier destination for top-quality demolition and land clearing services in Emmett, ID, and surrounding areas.

With a commitment to excellence and efficiency, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your demolition and site preparation needs.

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Demolition Services

Evans Earthworks is your one-stop solution for all your demolition needs. Whether you need structures removed, debris hauled off, or culverts, asphalt driveways, and concrete areas demolished, our experienced team is here to help. With state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals, we ensure safe and efficient demolition services that exceed your expectations.

Land Clearing Solutions

Our land clearing services are designed to prepare your site for construction by removing trees, brush, and other vegetation. From small residential lots to large commercial properties, we have the expertise and equipment to handle projects of any size and complexity.



Your One-Stop Shop for
Pre-Construction Site Prep

At Evans Earthworks, we understand the importance of thorough site preparation for successful construction projects.

That’s why we offer comprehensive demolition and land clearing services to make your pre-construction process seamless and efficient. By removing obstacles and debris from your site, we create a clean slate for your construction project, ensuring a smooth and successful build.

Service Areas and Beyond

While our primary service area is Emmett, ID, Evans Earthworks proudly extends its demolition and land clearing services to clients throughout the region. From Sweet to Ola, Star to Boise, and beyond, we are dedicated to serving the needs of our community with professionalism and integrity.

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